The  ISAAC is a worldwide investigation project on the prevalence and risk factors associated to asthma and allergic diseases.

Our Observatory shows all the publications related to the ISAAC from the first one in 1993, until the most recent one.

About the ISAAC

observatorio isaacThe ISAAC is a project developed from two international projects, one in New Zealand and the other one in Germany. An important number of countries have joined to this initiative. Nowadays, about sixty countries are involved in The ISAAC

The total number of collaborating centers is 156, distributed in the 5 continents. In phase 1 a total of 721.601 children have been investigated.

This data reflect that the ISAAC is the main epidemiological project which exists at the present.

The ISAAC is designed in three phases

ISAAC phase 1. - This phase investigates the asthma prevalence, atopic dermatitis and allergic rhinoconjuctivitis. This phase has finished. Each center has informed of its results. Each center data, national data, and comparative data among nations and worldwide have been published.

ISAAC phase 2. - It tries to identify the risk factors related to asthma and allergic diseases. At the present, there is a good number of publications about it.

ISAAC phase 3. -In developing, since 2003, it is the repetition of Phase 1, and its purpose is to know if allergic disease prevalence is on rise (or the opposite).
ISAAC Observatory

ISAAC Observatory logoA lot of works related to the ISAAC have been published which. Each collaborating center is free to publish its data, although not all of them have done it.

This has allowed, not only a knowledge of the world outcomes, but also of the local, regional and national outcomes in detail.

Our Observatory shows all the publications related to the ISAAC: those which inform about the ISAAC's results and other studies which use the ISAAC methodology to carry out another type of evaluation or comparison, etc. These last ones have been included in order to have a global vision of the wide use given to the ISAAC method.

We show you the complete list of the published works (indexed in Medline) ), from the first one in 1993, until the most recent one (2.008).

You can consult them in two ways:

The information we include is the complete bibliographical citation and its link at the abstract in Medline

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