AIRE (Asthma Insights & Reality in Europe) describes the current state of patients knowledge, their attitudes and behaviour towards asthma. The results are based on a study on 2800 adults and children's parents with asthma in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Italy (400 interviews with eligible asthma sufferers in each country)

The study shows the gap between clinical practice guidelines and the reality of treatment for patients with asthma.

It is the most important survey carried out so far in Europe searching these topics. 

A similar survey was conducted in the United States of America (Asthma in America Survey).

Aire Survey Main Findings

GINA Treatment Guidelines

AIRE Findings

    • minimal (ideally no) chronic symptoms, including nocturnal symptoms
    • 46% had daytime symptoms and 30% experienced sleep disturbances once a week
    • Minimal (infrequent) episodes
    • 61% reported severe episodes of coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or shortness of breath
    • No emergency visits
    • nearly a third (30%) of the patients had emergency visits to hospital or doctor in the past year
    • minimal need  beta2-agonist
    • 63% used quick-relief medicine in previous month
    • no limitations on activities including exercise
    • 63% patients reported limitation in activities including sports, household chores, choice of jobs
    • 17% adults and 43% children missed work/school
    • have normal or near-normal lung function (PEF variability <20%)
    • over 50% of patients had never received a lung function test

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