Decalogue  "A Healthy Schools for Children with Asthma"

1.-The School is free of Tobacco Smoke. Nobody smokes any time and in any place in the school.

2.-There is at least one person with good skills in the handling of an asthma attack in the school

3.-The Firts-Aid Kit includes quick-relief medications (for example salbutamol or terbutaline) and there is an adult who knows how to use it.

4.-Children and adolescents can take their medicines along and they can use them freely (for example, before exercise).

5.-School staff knows the Children and adolescents who have got asthma. (Parents will inform correctly about the disease and medicines used for their child). School staff will assure the confidenciality of this information.

6.-There is a written plan for asthma attack (at least one general for the school). This plan must include: children data and what medicine they use, parents phone number and steps to follow: give medicine, call parents, call emergency services...

7.-The school keep up a suitable hygiene level, a correct air quality, and the classrooms are often ventilated without children in the classroom

8.-Sport Trainer (gym teacher...) has got good knowledge about asthma. He/she knows the children who suffer Induced Exercise Asthma and he/she must care that they take their medicine before starting sport (if neccessary), and he/she must care they take preventive actions like preheating, muscle stretching...

9.-Classrooms have got allergens control measures, for example: there are not carpets, walls and floors are built with easy-cleaning materials; there are not curtains or if there are ones, these must be made with easy-cleaning materials; if there are bookcases with books (preferable no), these must keep a correct cleaning level (avoiding dust).

10.-During pollen season: The school has to keep measures to avoid pollen particles in the classrooms. For example: Classrooms are ventilated early in the morning before children go in the school. Classroom windows must be kept closed during the class. Besides, outdoor activities (excursions, sports...) must be organized thinking in children and adolescents with asthma caused by pollen (look for alternative activities: museum visits...)

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