WARNING.-This survey has only educational aims. Asthma is a complex disease and, obviously, it is impossible to establish a correct and complete diagnostic using these simple questions. You must use this survey like an orientation. The only way to ensure if your child has got asthma is visiting your doctor.

Your child... Yes No
· has or has had wheezing and/or noises in the chest (without cold)
· has or has had cough (without cold) and/or wheezing in one of this situations:     
  ·  during or after exercise or sport
  · during or after running, jumping or playing
  · during the night
· has or has had sleep disturbances (for example wake up during the night caused by cough and/or wheezing)
· has or has had shortness of breath or tightness in him/her chest in some of the situations indicated above.


If you marked "yes" to any of these questions, we recommed you to talk to your doctor.
This survey is only orientative.
The questions include in our survey are based on questions of ISAAC (International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood).

For further information about asthma we recommend you to visit our "Questions and Answers" section. 


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