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How to do a citation

For bibliographical purposes the correct citation is:
Author. name of the page. date. avalaible in [internet address]
Diaz Vazquez CA. ISAAC Observatory [August 23rd, 2002] avalaible in []

Pharmaceutical Industry

We try to treat all medical products with equity (independently what company manufactures or distributes them), and in consonance with the current state of Science.


To Breathe includes links to other web sites. Although we revise it periodically, we cannot ensure they work correctly all time.
It is allowed to do links to this web. Situation that we promote and we encourage. Any type of previous authorization is not needed. Nevertheless, those connections coming from profit companies and e-commerce will need previous authorization (please contact To Breathe owner). In all these cases, the link will allow a complete visualization of our web site. It is not authorized to be included inside frames of other web, and To Breathe´s address must always be seen in the navegation bar. This situation usually takes place with the webs which use frames. In case of having technical difficulties to link us without being included in your frame, we may help you to solve it.

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We subscribe The Health on the Net Code.

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